Read the rules carefully, by stepping into the bunny room you accept all these rules:

  • Bunny room is accessible only to our customers: 5 euros / customer
  • You enter without shoes on, leave your shoes on the shoe cabinet located outside the fence.
  • The bunnies have their own area 1 meter from the back wall of the fence, customers have no business being there!
  • Do not try to catch the bunnies! And do not chase the bunnies (They may come to your lap if they so choose)
  • Bunnies may only be given treats that are intended for them, these are sold at the café .
  • MAX 6 people at a time in the room. Children under 14 only with an adult. Watching over the fence is not enough!
  • Give other customers privacy (Don’t look over the fence)
  • Do not shout or scream in the fence.
  • If you see anything wrong with the bunnies, notify the staff immediately!
  • The fence is monitored through surveillance cameras.
  • Staff has the right to immediately remove a customer who has broken these rules from the café
  • We are not responsible for any mess or damage caused by the bunnies, for example traces of pee or bites on clothes or fingers